Shield LA PPE

Shield LA was a collaborative effort to design, mass produce and donate thousands of face shields due to the PPE shortage of the Coronavirus pandemic. I collaborated closely with a small team of passionate people who believed we could make a difference.

In that moment we saw a global maker movement share ideas and designs for 3d printing face masks and shields and we were inspired. Connecting with the community all over the world we educated ourselves on the requirements in making a hospital accepted face shield.

We ran around Los Angeles prototyping with a shortage of resources and materials. In order to get these shields in the hands of healthcare workers we needed to develop a GoFundMe campaing to help us pay for materials and fabrication. We found an incredible amount of support from our friends, family, colleagues, and others around the world. 

As the design of the shield achieved positive reviews from healthcare workers, we built a website, designed the brand ID, and implemented a tracking system for the hospital's shield requests and deliveries.

During my time working with the group we facilitated the shipping of 20,000+ shields in Los Angeles and all over the world. 

The trick to our success was a mass production mindset from the beginning. We spent two weeks designing the shield, an adjustable, lightweight, a most importantly, hospital approved design that we could stamp by the thousands a day. We had an experienced team that pulled together crucial aspects of fabrication and importing to make this possible. 

We persevered through social distancing, material shortages, medical requirements, and shifting legal expectations to help our friends on the front lines. 

Thank you healthcare workers!

I'm proud to have had a chance to work with friends along the way and make a difference during such uncertain times. I'll carry the humanitarian aspects of the collaboration along with me forever.