About me

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At Disney

I’m leading the exterior design of the Avengers Campus, a Marvel land in the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris, France.

From home

I'm learning about my city, getting inspired by nature and always thinking of ways to bring equity through design.

Please reach out to me if you’d like to learn more and work together!

I’ve always had a hyperactive imagination and as a kid growing up in Argentina, I would use nature as my playground for adventure. I grew up climbing trees and turning over rocks searching for the unknown, but always with a side of fantasy, that turned the next branch into an impossible feat. I would set up rigs and ropes to repel myself across and protective gear when walking through dense jungles going up against unknown species.

In my mind, nothing short of Indiana Jones

This inspired a curiosity for the environment and how things worked which shaped my passion for design and making. 

I studied architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, and on my fourth year I was fortunate to study in Florence, Italy. I became a local and visited as many countries, cultures and neighborhoods as I could, going along drawing and sharing stories.

Now I've been an Imagineer for 8 years, growing from an intern to a senior facility designer, developing ideas for our campus, theme parks and resorts. During that time I received my Master’s in Biomimicry from ASU and started MOC Lab, a collaborative design studio that focused on product design and sustainability. 

I have a tendency to let my curiosity spark new projects so I'm always working on ten things at the same time


the belief that the world can be made better by human effort